Since 2006 we have helped millions of car buyers purchase used cars online at best prices that match their
dream ride, and offered a no-hassle buying experience. At date, we are one of the largest online used car
purchase services. Carsbook locates in Japan and specializes in purchasing cars, motorcycles, heavy machinery
and other types of vehicles and hard equipment via Japanese Car Auctions and exporting them worldwide. We
offer high quality vehicles, competitive prices, prompt service and offer a discount for bulk buyers.
Car auctions, used for selling pre-purchased automobiles, first appeared in Japan to establish a safer, easier and faster way to sell or purchase used cars and other vehicles. Currently, car auctions support online trading, providing a simple way to buy a car of a desired manufacturer or model without even leaving your home. Following Japanese laws, only dealership holders or exporters may become members of car auctions. The system allows people to have access to the auction information, although to keep auctions properly functioning, only members can bid.
Today Japan has over 30 well-known auctions and over 200 car auction locations throughout the Japan, which include major halls like USS, ASNET, ARAI, Gulliver, Honda Auction, Toyota Auction, Nissan Auction, all of which having a wide network all over Japan. Despite having an only one or two drawback lines, such as agents fee charges, Japanese car auctions assures quality, original condition details, step-by-step process and require no experience as the agent will guide you through the nuances, such as payment and delivery terms.
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